Draft Annual Business Plan & Budget 2024-2025

The Streaky Bay District Council is presently in the process of drafting the Annual Business Plan and Budget for the 2024/2025 rating year. This plan will soon be open for community feedback following the May Council meeting.

Previous Year's Annual Business Plans & Budgets:

In 2010, the District Council of Streaky Bay undertook an extensive planning and consultation exercise to develop a suite of documents that formed the Streaky Bay District Management Plan (DMP). The management plan has guided the strategic planning of the district over the last 12 years. These documents focused on the environment, open space, tourism, land use and the urban design of the district.

While much of the information contained within these documents remains relevant, the context and character of the district have changed over the past decade. The Council acknowledges the changing social, environmental and economic changes that have occurred over this time. Consequently, the council is now preparing the first of a series of Township Master Plans (TMP), which will provide strategic and targeted planning and development frameworks for each of the towns within the District of Streaky Bay.

The TMP consider environmental, social, cultural and economic requirements over the next forty years to 2062.

The following documents represent a comprehensive engagement and planning process regarding to the future planning of the district’s townships, namely, the development of the following plans.

  • Streaky Bay Township Master Plan
  • Wirrulla Township Master Plan
  • Poochera Township Master Plan
  • Haslam Township Master Plan
  • Perlubie Township Master Plan
  • Sceale Bay Township Master Plan

After an extensive and exhaustive consultation process (see history below) the Masterplan(s) were endorsed at the December 2023 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

A copy of those Masterplans can be downloaded here.

A copy of the combined consultation report can be downloaded here.

Open Space Category and Hierarchy Guide

The Streaky Bay District Open Space Category and Hierarchy Plan recommends that open space should be managed in accordance with hierarchy levels. For example, open space that has a regional or district value could have a greater level of development and be managed to a higher standard compared to other open space. The District Management Plan also recognises that there are various types of open space within the Streaky Bay District and this can influence the approach to development and management.

The purpose of this Guideline is to explain the different types (categories) of open space and hierarchy levels and recommend approaches to development and management. The Guideline relates to open space that is owned or managed by the District Council of Streaky Bay and links to the Community Land Inventory provided in Appendix 6 of the District Management Plan Appendices Report.

The Guideline includes:

§ Definitions for open space categories

§ Management considerations for open space categories

§ Hierarchy definitions

§ Potential standards linked to hierarchy

§ Guidelines for open space development linked to hierarchy

§ Guidelines for open space maintenance linked to hierarchy

The Open Space Category and Hierarchy Guide builds on previous guidelines developed by Suter Planners with Wax Design, including for the City of Tea Tree Gully, City of Rockdale, City of Campbelltown, City of Victor Harbor, City of Charles Sturt and City of Port Adelaide Enfield. However it has been specifically tailored for the District of Streaky Bay.

Please click here for a copy of the Open Space Category and Hierarchy Guide

Please click here for a copy of the Open Space and Recreation Plan


In 2023 The District Council of Streaky Bay undertook to engage a consultant to prepare a Tree Risk Management Report that described the condition and risk potential (where directed) of street, park and reserve trees throughout the township of Streaky Bay.

The reports outlined a number of recommendations for works, along with a priority rating to assist with scheduling.

Tree Assessments were undertaken by Senior Consulting Arborists with Active Green Services and used both visual tree assessment and quantified tree assessment methodology.

The Draft reports were presented in Council and Community Workshops held in August 2023 and endorsed by Council in January 2024.

The reports endorsed are listed below:

In conjunction with this Council has developed the following forms:


The Streaky Bay Township Masterplan was received by Council at its July 2010 meeting.

The primary purpose of the Master Plan is to create a cohesive, community endorsed framework to guide investment and the development of public and privately owned land. The Master Plan will also be used as a basis for capital works grant funding, and may form the basis of amendments to Councils Development Plan.

The Streaky Bay Township Masterplan consists of:

a) a Masterplan for the township and its immediate surroundings which draws together the finding and recommendations of the Project Teams investigations, and which can be used as the basis for future capital works funding
b) the identification of key sites and areas within and surrounding the town for redevelopment and/or further improvement
c) recommendations for the rezoning of land by way of the Development Plan Amendment (DPA) process
d) proposals, ideas and suggestions that have broad community support/endorsement
e) identification and protection of significant historic buildings, sites and places
f) detailed plans for the following priority sites, area and functional elements;

  • a Pedestrian and Cyclist Plan;
  • an open space plan, including the location of town entrance statements;
  • a Coastal Foreshore Plan;
  • a Stormwater Management Plan;
  • a Concept Plan for Wells Street adjacent to the school and caravan park; and
  • a plan to improve the local road network.

The document contains a number of recommendations which have been prioritised by the Project Team. Council will review the priorities according to availability of financial and human resources and its own needs, preferences and requirements. A regular review of the document will be undertaken to ensure the plan reflects the current requirements of Council and the community.

Please click here for a copy of the Final Streaky Bay Township Master Plan