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In South Australia, all dogs and cats must be microchipped, desexed and registered in Dogs and Cats Online, the statewide database for dogs, cats, microchip, desexing and breeder registrations. Some exemptions apply.


It’s easy to register your dogs and cats, you do it yourself in Dogs and Cats Online. There are easy reference guides on the Dog and Cat Management Board’s website if you need help. Registration is valid to 30 June annually with renewal notices issued each July to be paid by 31 August.


Once you have registered your dog in Dogs and Cats Online, you will receive a registration notice from Council and a grey plastic disc with your dog’s registration number. Always attach this disc to your dog’s collar to be on display. You only receive a disc once as your dog’s registration number stays with it for life. You may choose to engrave the registration number on a permanent metal disc with your name, phone number and use this as a substitute tag.


You must register your cat in Dogs and Cats Online by its mandatory microchip number. Council does charge a minimal cat registration fee. Your cat’s microchip number should be provided to you by your vet, microchip implanter, shelter or breeder.  If you do not have a record of the microchip number, contact the vet, breeder or shelter where you bought or adopted it from. You can also ask Council Officers to scan your animal to find the microchip number.

Registration renewals

Registered dog and cat owners receive renewal notices each July with simple instructions for renewing directly in Dogs and Cats Online. You will not be able to complete the registration until you have received your renewal notice. If you are unable to renew online please contact Council on (08) 86 261 001 to assist you.

When logging into Dogs and Cats Online, ensure you check your contact and housing address details are correct.

Registration fees

Council charge an annual registration fee for cats and dogs fees and charges click here

The penalty for failing to register your dog at 3 months of age is a $170.00 expiation fee.

Keeping details up to date

You must keep your details in Dogs and Cats Online up to date. If you move, you should update your address in Dogs and Cats Online. If your dog or cat dies, is missing for more than 72 hours, is given to a new owner, or is surrendered to the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League, you must notify council or update the record in Dogs and Cats Online.  Choose ‘deceased’ or ‘lost’ from the ‘Animal Status’ drop down menu on your pet’s record.

Registration transfers

If your dog or cat goes to a new home, the registration must be transferred to the new owner. You will need to initiate a transfer in Dogs and Cats Online and give the transfer number to the new owner who will log in to complete the transfer themselves. There are simple reference guides on the Dog and Cat Management Board’s website if you need help.

Mandatory microchipping

All dogs and cats must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age (unless exempted by a vet—see the Dog and Cat Management Board for details). Veterinary businesses regularly visit the Streaky Bay area and can microchip your pet.

Lincoln Veterinary Clinic at

Vets on Eyre at

Mandatory desexing

All dogs and cats born after 1 July 2018 must be desexed by a registered veterinary surgeon before it is 6 months of age; or within 28 days after an owner takes possession of a puppy or kitten. Some exemptions can apply, visit the Dog and Cat Management Board website for details.

Limits on pet numbers

You can own 2 dogs and 2 cats on your property, if residing within a township. Outside of a township you are allowed 3 dogs (other than working dogs) but a limit of 2 cats remain. If you wish to keep more dogs or cats than the current limit, you must seek council’s approval in writing.

Breeding, selling, and buying

There are laws which regulate breeding and selling dogs and cats in South Australia. The most significant are set out below. Visit the Dog and Cat Management Board website for further information.

  • Breeders and sellers must adhere to the South Australian Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals.
  • Breeders intending to sell dogs or cats they have bred, must register in Dogs and Cats Online as a registered breeder.
  • A dog or cat cannot be sold/given away without a microchip number.
  • Dogs and cats must be desexed by six months of age (unless a working dog).
  • Any advertisement selling a dog or cat must include the seller and breeders’ contact details and DACO breeder registration number.
  • Sellers/breeders must provide specific information to purchasers, e.g. seller and breeders details; breeders Dogs and Cats Online number; vaccination details; desexing details; microchip details; known illnesses or medical conditions; control order information (dogs)

How do I make a complaint about a barking dog?

Under the Dog & Cat Management Act 1995 the person who owns or is responsible for the control of the dog is guilty of an offence if the dog (either alone or together with other dogs, whether or not in the same ownership) creates a noise, by barking or otherwise, which persistently occurs or continues to such a degree or extent that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of a person.

To enable Council officers to act on issues, a written complaint is required from those persons directly affected. The complaint will then be assessed by Council officers.

What do I do if I have lost my dog?

If your dog is missing contact the Council office as soon as possible on 8626 1001 or Council's emergency contact number if over the Christmas/New Year period.

Under the Dog & Cat Management Act if a dog is not claimed within 72 hours it becomes Council property.

What are the charges relating to seizure and detention of dogs?

Under Section 64 of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 the Council may recover charges payable under the regulations in relation to the seizing and detention of a dog.  Please refer to Fees and Charges by clicking here.

Section 62 - A person is not entitled to the return of a dog unless they provide satisfactory evidence that he/she owns or is responsible for the dog, or is authorised to receive the dog by a person who owns or is responsible for the control of the dog and, in the case of an unregistered dog, the dog must be registered before leaving the pound.

What expiations can be issued by the Council?

Council may issue the following expiations (eg. fines) in relation to offences committed under the Dog & Cat Management Act:

  • Dog owner in public area without bag or suitable container to pick up faeces their dog may deposit - $100
  • Dog defecating in a public place and the person responsible not removing the faeces - $210.00
  • Dog with no collar and no registration disc in a public place - $170.00
  • Dog wandering at large - $210.00
  • Dog in the grounds of a school - $ 315.00
  • Dog within a shop (not being an assistance dog) - $315.00
  • Dog rushing or chasing a car - $315.00
  • Transporting unrestrained dog - $210.00
  • Dog creating a nuisance by barking or otherwise - $315.00
  • Dog harassing, chasing or attacking a person, bird or animal - $315.00
  • Dog attacking a person, on its own premises who has a lawful right of entry - $315.00

Under the Dog and Cat Management Act prescribed breed means any of the following breeds:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Fila Braziliero
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentina
  • Presa Canario

I Want to Hire a Cat Trap

Cat traps unavailable for hire until February 2021

To hire a cat trap please click on the link below, return the completed form and deposit amount to the Council office or by emailing to

Cat Trap Hire Form

Further Information

For further information on dogs and cats within the Council area see Council By-Law No.5 and By-Law No.6 - Dogs & Cats or contact the Council Main Office on 86261 001.

For further information on the Dog & Cat Management Act, plus  information on caring for your animal please see the Dog & Cat Management Board website.

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29 Alfred Terrace, Streaky Bay SA 5680
Tel: 08 86261 001

DCSB-AM-01.01 Animal Management Plan(712 kb)

Are you looking to exercise your dog offlead?  The maps below provide the offlead areas within the district and town.

Dog Offlead Areas - Town and District Maps