Lions Park Streaky Bay Redevelopment

The District Council of Streaky Bay has allocated funding from the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure federal Government funding program to undertake a redevelopment and upgrade of the Streaky Bay Lions Park facility.

The Lions Park provides the only open space and recreation area for residents on the Eastern side of the township and a key focal point for visitors entering the township from the East.

The redevelopment of the park aims to consider;

  • Provision of a community destination for social gatherings
  • Provide a family destination for visitors to orientate themselves to the township
  • Improved play spaces for residents and visitors
  • Create a sense of arrival for visitors
  • Opportunity to provide traffic management and improvement to Mudge Terrace
  • Improve traffic flow on East Terrace particularly around the dump point area
  • Opportunity to improve and provide passive stormwater harvesting and management

In seeking to achieve this the proposed concept plans include;

  • Improved open space and greening of sections of the precinct
  • Tree management assessment and retention of existing large trees
  • Retention of existing stonewalling with replanting of garden beds and irrigation
  • Nature based play space inclusion
  • Improved pathways and connectivity
  • Seating, shelter, and BBQ’s
  • Visitor Services (signage and water fill point duplication)
  • Replacement and relocation of toilet facilities
  • Duplication of dump point to improve traffic management
  • Traffic management treatment to Mudge Terrace and Wells Street Intersection

Outcome from Lions Park Development Public Consultation

Following an extensive community consultation period on the original design concept, Council has considered much of the community feedback and has readjusted the Park design to reflect this feedback whilst still meeting the original objectives of the redevelopment and space activation.

Proposed design element changes which resulted following community consultation included:

  • Retention of as many of the existing trees as possible (including quandongs) this was achieved through moving the play spaces and open lawn area
  • Reduction in lawn area
  • Use of existing roadway within Park precinct
  • Designing the new Park features to fit within existing Park footprint
  • Ensuring the internal footpaths keep to the existing footprint
  • Retention of the majority of existing garden beds
  • Retention of existing shelter (to be refurbished)

Initial Design concepts that were well received and have been retained include:

  • Development of a Swale which incorporates water play
  • Development of a Nature Play Space (now co-located with trees)
  • Inclusion of BBQ
  • Inclusion of New Toilet Facilities
  • Development of a Bush Garden and Yarning Circle
  • Inclusion of Wells Street/Mudge Terrace Intersection Works
  • Development of the Dump Point Area

Council will seek to endorse the plans at February’s ordinary Council meeting to enable the development of construction documentation and to ensure the tendering process can commence as soon as possible to meet Grant Funding Deadlines.

The revised plans following community consultation can be view here: concept plans