Township and District Management Plan Review

Township Masterplans are periodically developed with the community to provide a long-term vision for our townships. A township masterplan is a plan showing the potential future land use patterns and layout of an area. They aim to articulate a clear and unique vision and identify key objectives and priorities across a number of themes to ensure that our townships continue to develop as highly desirable places to live, visit and do business.


After an extensive and exhaustive consultation process (see history below) the Masterplan(s) were endorsed at the December 2023 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

A copy of those Masterplans can be downloaded here.


A copy of the combined consultation report can be downloaded here.

Community Consultation Session Stage 3

This section outlines the Council’s process for Final Round of Consultation and Community Feedback.

To ensure that all our community can access these plans and provide valuable community feedback we have developed several short video’s that explain the plans and the background work of the documents.

Council acknowledges our multiple traditional land holders on which this project is based through an acknowledgement of Country

We encourage you to then view the short Introduction Video

Council has split the main document into individual townships to allow you to choose which townships you would like view, click on the township below to watch the short video specific to that community.

I have watched the video’s and would now like to provide my feedback; how can I provide this feedback?

Community Feedback is to be received by 5.00pm on Friday, November 10, 2023.

All feedback will be collated and provided to the consultants facilitating the project.

To download a copy of the entire document click here.

Community Consultation Sessions Stage 2

The District Council of Streaky Bay called for its residents to have their input into the initial concepts of the township masterplans for Sceales Bay, Streaky Bay, Poochera, Wirrulla, Perlubie and Haslam, following the face-to-face sessions held in March 2023.

These sessions included additional face to face sessions held in September 2023, followed by a district wide Community Survey.

Council’s Section 41 Community Strengthening and Planning Committee was presented with the plans in March, followed by a full Councillor workshop held in August 2023.

Council Officers and WAX Design held targeted stakeholder engagement with online sessions offered to the Health, Education and Emergency Services sector, unfortunately this session had limited take up.

Council Officers travelled to Adelaide in early May 2023 as part of the Stage 2 engaged where assisted by WAX Design presented the Draft Plans to representatives from Department of Environment and Water, Coastal Protection Board, State Planning Commission, SA Power Networks, SA Water, SA Tourism Commission, Wellbeing SA and Future Urban Planning Consultants, this process was instrumental and critical to ensure that key service providers were provided with the opportunity to consider our planned future growth, infrastructure needs, current issues and future opportunities.

To view the plans presented at the Stage Consultation sessions click here.

Community Consultation – Stage 1

The planning for real workshops were provided for the community and key stakeholders to have the opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions and have input into the initial planning phases. These were held in September 2022.

To view a copy of the DRAFT Plans that were presented as “conversation starters” at the Planning for Real Community Drop In Sessions please click here these plans were developed for community feedback with a view the development of Draft Plans towards the end of the year (2022), which will then be presented for further community feedback.  

A community survey was undertaken following the September planning for real workshops and closed on Friday November 18, 2022.

Community Feedback Summary Document

All community feedback that was received through the drop in sessions and online survey were consolidated into a Consultation Summary Report, this summary report was presented to Council for their information at the December 2022 ordinary meeting of Council.

Previous Work

The Streaky Bay District Management Plan and Streaky Bay Township Masterplan were documents completed and endorsed in 2011 after 18 months of research, consultations, and report development.  A copy of the original documents can be viewed at Reports & Publications | District Council of Streaky Bay

The review of these documents sets to change to the current document structure and produce six separate documents;

  • Streaky Bay Township Management Plan
  • Sceale Bay Township Management Plan
  • Wirrulla Township Management Plan
  • Perlubie Township Management Plan
  • Coastal Management Plan
  • Caravan and Camping Guide
  • Planning for Real workshops are planned on the following dates and locations (locations are to be confirmed)