Postponement of Rates - Seniors

Under Section 182A of the Local Government Act a postponement of rates may be granted to persons meeting the requirements of Section 182A (1).  Ratepayers who hold a State Seniors Card are able to apply to the Council to postpone payment of rates imposed on their principle place of residence. Postponed rates remain as a charge on the land and are not required to be repaid until title to the relevant land is transferred, or in the event of a failure to comply with a condition imposed on the postponement.

Eligibility Criteria. All below criteria must be met;

  • You are a State Seniors Card Holder (or have applied for the card); and
  • The property is your principal place of residence (where you live most of the time); and
  • No other person, other than your spouse, has an interest as an owner of the property.

Postponement of Rates Conditions:

  • A minimum amount of $500 of the annual rates must be paid.
  • The interest rate which will apply to the amount of rates postponed is prescribed in the Local Government Act (SA) 1999, Section 182A(12). Interest will be charged and compounded monthly on the total amount postponed, until the debt is paid. For the 2019-2020  rating period the interest rate prescribed is 0.36% per month.
  • The accrued debt including interest is payable at the time of disposal or sale of the property.  However, you have the discretion to pay all or any part of the debt at an earlier time.
  • If you have a current mortgage over the property which was registered prior to 25 January 2007 you are required to have at least 50% equity in your property. If you currently have any mortgages or encumbrances on the property registered before that date you will need to obtain a statement from your financial institution which indicates the maximum credit limit secured by the mortgage, to include with this application form.
  • You must inform Council in writing within 6 months if your eligibility changes. For example, if you move out of your home or are no longer entitled to have a State Seniors Card.  A $5000 maximum penalty applies for failure to inform Council in writing within 6 months of the change in eligibility [Local Government Act (SA) 1999, Section 182A(8)].

How to Apply

To apply complete and lodge the Postponement of Rates (Seniors) Application.

If you do not have access to a computer you can visit Councils Main Office at; 29 Alfred Tce, Streaky Bay, SA, 5680

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