What is community Land?

All local government (except roads) land that is owned by Council or under the Council’s care, control and management is deemed to be community land  unless formally excluded from community land classification.

Council currently has 120 parcels of land which falls within the definition of community land. These parcels of land are all listed within the Council’s Community Land Register.

What is a Community Land Management Plan (CLMP)?

The Local Government Act 1999 requires Council to develop Land Management Plans for all Community Land either owned or under its care and control if:

  • The land is, or is to be, occupied under a lease or licence
  • Land that has been, or is to be, specifically modified or adapted for the benefit or enjoyment of the community.

The plans are developed though consultation with the community and show the way in which the land is to be used and developed. They also assist with the Leasing, Licensing and Permit process. 

Council has adopted four Management Plan for consultation. Each plan has a different focus in relation to the future control development and management of community land. These are as follows:

A hard copy of the Draft Community Land Management Plans can be purchased from the Council office for $10.00.

What is a Community Land Register?

In accordance with Section 207 of the Local Government Act 1999, council must keep a register of all Community Land (under the Care and Control of Council) in its area and such register must be available for inspection by the public.

The information required to form part of the Community Land register is outlined in Regulation 23 of the Local Government (General) Regulations, 2013.

To view an electronic version of the register please click here

Revocation community Land Classification?

Pursuant to Section 194 of the Local Government Act 1999, Council may revoke the classification of community land.

To revoke community land Council must complete the process detailed in the Local Government Act 1999.


Local Government Act 1999

Local Government (General) Regulations 2013