Burials and Interments

Burials and interments in the District Council of Streaky Bay cemeteries require signed applications by persons who are authorised to exercise and Interment Right under the Burial and Cremations Act 2013.

Where no existing Interment Right has been taken a burial application must be accompanied with an Interment Right Application.

Interment Rights

Interment Rights can be applied for in advance or at the time of applying for a burial or interment.

Installation of Memorials

Installation of headstones at burial plots must be undertaken by a registered memorial masons and require an application to Council.

Installation and interment of ashes in columbariums are undertaken by Council staff and also require an application to Council.  Columbarium memorial plaque sizes vary at each Council Cemetery, please refer to the Cemetery Checklist for sizes.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges associated with burials and interments vary depending on the type of burial or interment. Please refer to the documents below or contact council if you are unsure what costs may be associated with your application.

NOTE - Where Memorial Masons are required to lift exisiting memorial slabs this may delay availability of the plot and associated fees will be on-charged to the applicant.

For further details on burial and interment fees please refer to Council’s fees and charges by clicking here.

DCSB-16 Form 07 Application for an Interment Right(258 kb)

DCSB-16 Form 09 Application for Interment Authorisation(169 kb)

DCSB-16 Form 13 Cemetery Booking Request Form(56 kb)

DCSB 16 Form 17  - Application for a headstone or Memorial