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How long will approval take?

Development Applications that do not require approval by the Regional Assessment Panel (RAP) usually take up to 6 weeks to process (providing the required information has been submitted).

Applications that do not comply within the guidelines may be submitted to the Regional Assessment Panel.  Meetings of the Panel occur on an as need basis.  The public are welcome to attend the meetings.

Non-complying development or Category 2 or 3 developments required Council to undertake public consultation and may take up to 6 months for approval.

What regulations do I need to consider?

Developers may need to consider regulations surrounding:

  • Native vegetation
  • Threatened species and ecological communities
  • State heritage
  • Ground and surface water
  • Coast
  • Marine
  • Access and use of Crown land and reserves

Understanding these regulations will help identify any potential constraints to a proposed development, any direct financial implications to allow for, and any extra timeframes that need to be factored in.

For more information and references you can go to the Department for Environment and Water SA by clicking here.

Documentation Required

Development Application Form

Development - Fees and Charges at a glance 

Declaration of Applicant Under Electricity Act 1996

Information Sheet- Building safely near powerlines(2036 kb)

On-Site Waste Water Application(474 kb)

Lodging an application for development approval

Once you have gathered all the relevant information for your application, for a application check list click here you can then lodge your application through the Plan SA online portal by registering for an account and following the prompts.

If you have any questions regarding this process do not hesitate to call the Council Office on 86261001