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Rodney Heath
PO Box 179, Streaky Bay SA 5680
29 Alfred Terrace, Streaky Bay
Phone Office: 8626 1001

To contact the South Australian Country Fire Service Website pleaseclick here

When is the Fire Danger Season?

The District Council of Streaky Bay is located within the WEST COAST region of the Country Fire Service.

The Fire Danger Season on the WEST COAST commences on the 1st of November and concludes on the 15 April (unless the Chief Officer of the CFS changes it)

Fire restrictions apply to everyone, not just those living in high bushfire risk areas.

Fire Restriction during the Fire Danger Season

Once the fire danger season has begun there are strict controls on the lighting of fires and the use of certain tools in the open.  The restrictions remain in place until the end of the Fire Danger Season.

Obligations of Landowners - Section 105F

Pursuant to Section 105F of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, the owner of land is required to take action to protect property on the land from fire, or to prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of through the land:

1. Section 105F requires that an owner of private land must take reasonable steps:

a.   To prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land; and
b.   To prevent or inhibit the spread of fire through the land; and
c.   To protect property on the land from fire; and
d.   To minimise the threat to human life from a fire on the land.

2. The following matters may be considered relevant to determining whether a breach of these requirements have occurred:

a.   The nature of the land;
b.   Whether the land is in a country, metropolitan, township or other setting;
c.   The activities carried out on the land (including whether flammable or combustible materials or substances are used or stored on the land)
d.   Other statutory standards or requirements that apply to or in relation to the land.

3. If you fail to comply with a requirement of this notice:

a.   You may be liable to a significant fine; and
b.   An authorised person may proceed to carry out the work required by the notice and recover the costs against you.

Other matters may also be taken into account.

Property owners are required to maintain the property throughout the Fire Danger Season.  This may mean you will have to mow or slash the land several times during the season.

Legislation states that property owners must take reasonable steps to prevent the outbreak of fire on the land or from spreading to neighbouring properties.  Accordingly, Council will be doing inspections and issuing Fire Prevention Notices to the owners of land requiring attention.  The purpose of the notice is to provide for the control of flammable fuel such as weeds and grasses and the removal of accumulated litter beneath established trees to remove the potential for damage caused by fire.

Prepare Your Property for the Fire Danger Season

Council emphasise the importance of undertaking necessary fire prevention measures for the safety of your family pets and property.

Preparation of your property includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Cut grass (to approx. 10cm / 4 inches) within 20 metres of all buildings
  • Cut grass (to approx. 10cm / 4 inches) within 5 metres of all structures
  • Remove dead branches, leaves and undergrowth from around your home
  • Prune tree limbs less than two metres above ground
  • Prune branches overhanging your home
  • Remove bark, heavy mulch, wood piles and any other flammable materials close to your home and sheds
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Spark Proofing your home

Contractors for Fire Prevention Measures

Listed below are businesses in the area offering slashing and mowing services.  It you require this service please contact the business of your choice direct.

This is not a list of Council's preferred contractors, it has been created as a guide only.

ContactPhone Numbers Further Details
Paul Dudura (District Wide)(P) 08 8626 1453Large areas / residential blocks
Greg Limbert & Sonya Coleman (Bay Areas Slashing & Mowing)(M) 0487 445 693Large areas / residential blocks
Rob Skelton (Skelty Slashing Service)

(M) 0410 857 833

Large areas / residential blocks

If you are a Contractor and your name does not appear on this list, contact Council and we will arrange for it to be added.

Fire Permits

Fire Permits are required for any fire on the ground during the Fire Danger Season.
For broad acre burning you will need to apply for a permit from the District Council of Streaky Bay.
Permit application can be downloaded by clicking here
To edit this form to be able to add details please open in Adobe Reader.  To download a free version of the Adobe Reader please click here.
Permit applications must be recieved 2 days prior to burning, to allow for processing.
Permits can be emailed to or faxed to Council office (08) 86 261196.
For further information for fire permits please visit the CFS website


Grain Harvesting

The Fire and Emergency Regulations 2005 cover the use of stationery engine to auger a crop and the use of an internal combustion engine to harvest a crop.

The State Government and Country Fire Service have a Grain Harvesting Code of Practice that covers best practises in the harvesting of grain crops.

To view the Grain Harvesting Code of Practice click here