The District Council of Streaky Bay hereby issues the following notice to landholders to enable the control of declared animals and plants on road reserves.

NRM Boards are able to pass on costs of the control of declared animals & plants on roadsides to adjoining landowners

Section 182 of the Natural Resources Management Act 2004, states that Natural Resource Management Groups or Boards have the responsibility to control Declared Animals & Plants on roadsides.  Section 185 of the NRM Act 2004, states that any costs incurred in carrying out this control work may be charged to the adjoining landowner up to half of the road reserve.

(Under Section 221 of the Local Government Act it is illegal for landholders to undertake Declared Animal & Plant control measures on Road Reserve adjoining their property, without written authority from their Council. This Section of the Act prohibits any alteration to a public road, including the removal of vegetation, except by a person acting under a relevant Statutory Authority.)

The District Council of Streaky Bay hereby gives landholders the authorisation to undertake control or removal of declared Plants and/or Animals on Rural Road Reserves within its Council area.  Before undertaking any such control/removal, landowners must consult with the EPNRM Board.

Conditions of Authorisation by Council

The landowner shall accept full responsibility for and must ensure that any Declared Animal & Plant control activities undertaken, including the use of mechanised equipment, chemical and/or spraying, does not interfere with or cause any damage to the Road Reserve, other roadside vegetation or in any way affect the property of any other person.  Prior approval from the Native Vegetation Council is required where a proposed control program is likely to cause damage to native roadside vegetation.

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Queries in relation to pest animal & plant control

Any queries relating to this work should be directed to the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board at its Streaky Bay Office by phoning (08) 8626 1108.

This authorisation is valid for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 inclusive unless revoked.

Penny Williams
Acting, Chief Executive Officer