Common Questions about Advertisements and Signs

Do I need to get approval before installing signage on the road verge, Council land, Business or Residence?


Prior to ordering and installing a sign you must first check if approval is required, Council has developed a comprehensive Advertising Signage Policy, check this Policy for your requirements

Do I need to get approval when I’m just replacing a sign?  


Any replacement sign is to be assessed in accordance with the Council Advertising Policy

Lodging an application for a sign

To lodge a request to install a sign you will need to provide the following:

  • (if required)
  • A statement clearly indicating who will be responsible for the sign
  • A site plan showing the location of the sign
  • Structural details of the sign, materials, size and spacing
  • details of the wording and design of the sign

Then complete an Advertising Signage Application Form

What if I install the sign on private land?

Advertisements and signs are controlled by the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

Only when a sign meets one of the following exemptions is no approval required.

  • The sign is enclosed on land, or is within a building to prevent it being readily visible from land outside the enclosure or the building.
  • The signage is located on a building used primarily for retail, commercial, office or business purposes (other than the side or rear walls of the building); and
    • Is not above the verandah, fascia or 3.7 metres above the ground;
    • Does not move, flash or reflect light to distract motorists; and
    • Is not internally illuminated
  • The sign is for the identification of a residential dwelling and meets the following
    • is less than 0.2 square metres
    • it does not move, flash, or reflect light to distract motorists
    • No more than 2 signs on each property; and
    • The signs must relate to the activity occurring on the land.

    Development Application Lodgement

What Controls do Council have in regards to Signs?

If a sign is installed on a Council road reserve without authorisation, an expiation may be incurred. The expiation is currently set at $80.00.  If signage is installed on private land without approval the expiation fee is $750.00.

Council will remove signage from road reserves and public land:

  • if it was installed without approval,
  • that has fallen into a state of disrepair or relates to a commercial activity that no longer operates,
  • If a copy of a certificate of currency for public liability insurance is not provided to Council,
  • which contains offensive or inappropriate wording,
  • which is not constructed or designed in a satisfactory manner,
  • that unreasonably restricts a road or endangers public safety.

A Frame

'A' Frame Sign

‘A’ frame signs are controlled by Council’s By Law No. 2. and Moveable Signs Policy

Businesses are able to place one ‘A’ frame sign relating to their business in front of their property.

The sign must be designed, constructed and maintained in good quality and condition. The maximum size of a sign is 900mm H, 600mm W, and 600 mm Deep.  It must be of strong construction and sufficiently stable or securely fixed so it keeps its position in bad weather. For public safety signs can not have sharp or jagged edges.

The Policy link above will provide information regarding allowable positions and locations.

All businesses and/or activities wanting to display signage must complete an Advertising Signage Application Form and will subsequently by issued with a Permit to Display.

Display of Temporary Banners/Signs for Events

A permit for the display of temporary banners or signs for events must be completed and lodged with the Council Advertising Signage Application Form