Wastewater Applications

Council operates a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) within the Township of Streaky Bay. This system incorporates each property having a septic tank which discharges wastewater offsite through a CWMS connection

Properties which fall out of the CWMS area are required to have an onsite wastewater management system. Onsite wastewater management systems can include soakage system, aerated wastewater treatment system and wastewater irrigation. There are various options for onsite wastewater management disposal, however a qualified wastewater engineer must design the system to ensure it is suitable for the site based on the soil profile and characteristics.

Council approval is required for all installation and alteration to any wastewater management system, including underfloor sanitary drains, septic tanks, external drains, soakage trenches and irrigation areas. A Wastewater application must be submitted to Council prior to approval being issued. It is an offence under the South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) regulations 2013 to undertake any wastewater works without an approval from Council.

** Application fees must be paid to Council prior to starting the assessment **

Wastewater applications are assessed pursuant to the SA Health Wastewater Legislation.

An application to undertake wastewater works can be downloaded here: Wastewater Application form