Council participates in the Australia-wide drumMUSTER programme for the collection of used chemical drums for recycling. This initiative provides an easy, environmentally-friendly way of disposing of empty farming chemical containers across rural Australia.

drumMUSTER collects eligible non-returnable metal or plastic containers above one litre/kilogram and up to 205 litre/kilogram in declared content in the packaging of crop production and animal health products used for:

  • agricultural and livestock production
  • industrial and recreational pest and weed control
  • forestry
  • household pest control operations
  • similar activities conducted by government authorities.

Participating manufacturers are identified by the inclusion of the eligible drumMUSTER container logo on their eligible containers. The logo can be displayed on the chemical label, embossed into the container wall or applied as a sticker to the container. Containers not displaying this logo may be from non-participating manufacturers and will not be accepted into the program.

drumMUSTER Logo

The drumMUSTER collection site is located at the Streaky Bay Transfer Station. Please contact the Council Office on (08) 8626 1001 to arrange an inspection time.

For acceptance, containers must be:

  • triple rinsed;
  • cleaned and dry (no chemical residue);
  • free from contamination;
  • metal drums should be punctured;
  • lids removed.

Before acceptance, drums will be examined by drumMUSTER inspectors and, if not totally cleaned as required, they will be rejected.

Further details on the drummuster program can be obtained on their website www.drummuster.com.au