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Section 7 Searches

Section 7 Searches on properties within the Council area are a service provided by Council. Full searches provide the following information on the property specified.

1. Rates - the rates and levies charged against the property for the financial year as well as any outstanding amounts.

2. Environmental Health - The property is checked against the contaminated land register to identify whether any relevant notices have been issued.

2. Development Services - A search is completed to identify whether there are any continuing conditions on the property including Land Management Agreements or current notices issued for the property.

Council Offers three variations of the Section 7 Searches as listed below;

Urgent Full Rate Search: 
Full Search
Rates Only Required

Click here to view councils fees and charges for the applicable search fee. Fees and Charges

Urgent Property Searches are not a legislative requirement however priority is given to attending to the reports as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Local Government Act 1988 (section 187) states that only a person who has interest in the land can order a Section 7 search. This is specified as below;

  • the owner of a registered estate or interest in the land; or
  • an occupier of the land; or
  • a person who has entered or declares to the Council that he or she proposes to enter into a contract to purchase the land; or
  • a mortgagee or prospective mortgagee of the land.

Application Form

**** In order for section 7 searches to be completed a copy of the Certificate of Title MUST be included in the application form.

Section 7 Search Application Form