Add Your Event to the Council Website!

Please follow the below instructions to load your event -
  • Go to the Council Website
  • Scroll down to the Events Calendar and click
  • At the top of the page click New Event Register
  • Add all required fields
    o Event Title
    o Event Date
    o Free Event? Click Yes or No – if yes it will ask how much
    o Event Location
    o Contact Person
    o Click the small pen in the top left corner to add details about the event
  • Once the details page opens you can then add all relevant text
    o Click the box I’m not a robot
    o If you would like to submit a photo or include other attachments, please use the link provided after you have saved this form.
    o Save
  • The next screen will look like the below and an email will be sent to to check all event details and approve.
  • Add image or file by clicking the event images/files
    o Event Title
    o Choose file or image (max 4 uploads only)
    o Next page
    o Click I’m not a robot
    o Submit
  • Allow 7 days for all events to be approved.
  • For all changes and amendments please email

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