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Published 6th March 2024

Streaky Bay Community Consultation: Acquisition of the land hosting the Streaky Bay Tourism Foreshore Park (Caravan Park)

We extend an invitation to actively participate in a significant initiative by the District Council of Streaky Bay. We seek your valued input regarding the potential acquisition of the land housing our Streaky Bay Tourism Foreshore Park (Caravan Park) from the State Government.

Why is this Important?

  • The Foreshore Tourism Park serves as a valuable community asset, contributing significantly to our revenue beyond conventional rates collection.
  • Tourism plays a pivotal role in Streaky Bay's local economy, with the Foreshore Tourism Park being a key driver of economic activity.
  • The aging infrastructure of the Foreshore Tourism Park demands substantial investment.
  • Acquiring the land facilitates this necessary investment, mitigating long-term risks associated with return on investment.
  • The acquisition opens avenues for potential public/private partnerships, alleviating the financial burden on ratepayers for infrastructural upgrades.
  • Securing the land is paramount for safeguarding the Council's revenue source over the long term.
  • Investment in the park will not only stimulate economic growth during and after construction but also enhance visitation to the region.
  • Strategic investment in tourism infrastructure addresses issues related to illegal camping and environmental concerns.
  • Land acquisition ensures local decision-making power, granting the community greater security and control over the site, free from state control.
  • The purchase will not impact public access to Doctors Beach or the adjacent community playground.
  • The acquisition will have no effect on the samphire swamp wetlands adjacent to the park. Urgent Infrastructure Investment:

Given the imperative need for urgent infrastructure investment in the aging park, acquiring the land serves as the linchpin to unlock this potential.

Your Community, Your Say!

To actively contribute to shaping this promising future, we encourage you to:

  • Engage in discussions with a Council member regarding the proposed land purchase.
  • Secure your spot at our community drop-in sessions to discuss with the CEO on March 13th (booking at 08 8626 1001).
  • Participate in our survey:
  • Paper surveys are available at the Streaky Bay Visitor Information Centre and the Customer Service Office on Alfred Terrace.

Act promptly, as the survey period concludes on Friday, March 15, 2024.