Published 1st May 2024

District Council of Streaky Bay Caravan and Camping Strategy

The District Council of Streaky Bay has a number of existing caravan and camping facilities that are highly valued by visitors and local residents. While the progressive development of many sites has seen significant improvement, there remain opportunities within some facilities that need to be further addressed.

The purpose of the Caravan and Camping Strategy is to guide the approach to the future provision, development and management of caravan and camping facilities and supporting infrastructure in the District Council of Streaky Bay.

The Strategy primarily focused on caravan parks and camping areas located on council-owned or managed land or Crown Land. Specifically, the Guide aims to:

  • Recommend the appropriate level of provision and quality
  • Guide future improvements to facilities
  • Provide a framework for management
  • Provide suitable payment and booking systems

The Streaky Bay Caravan and Camping Strategy also provides recommendations for and considers relevance to facilities located on private or perpetual lease land and provides broad requirements for these facilities.

The Council strongly encourages feedback on the Strategy and a copy of the Strategy is available here:

District Council of Streaky Bay Caravan and Camping Strategy

The consultation period for this Strategy commences on Friday 3 May, 2024 and closes on Friday 24 May, 2024 at 5.00pm.

Responses can be provided via;


P: 08 86261001

Post: PO Box 179, Streaky Bay SA 5680

Penny Williams

General Manager - Prosperity