• Community Consultation
9th January 2020

Road Naming Review

The District Council of Streaky Bay recently endorsed a district wide road naming review. Council initially sought feedback on current road names and a number of responses were received.

Council at the December 2019 meeting of Council resolved to take out to Public Consultation existing road names and proposed changes. The proposed changes are listed below;

  1. Woorong Boolong Road – change to “Granite Hill Road”
  2. Grace Frances Byway – inclusion of (Loveshack Subdivision)
  3. Spelling of Chilpenunda (or Chilpanunda)
  4. Spelling of Coolgranna (or Coolgrana)
  5. D Freeman Access Road – Change to Freeman Road
  6. Spelling of Gerscwhitz Road (or Gerschwitz)
  7. Haslam Highway – change to Haslam Highway Road
  8. Little Islands Access Road – inclusion of – access to beach – was omitted
  9. The Grub Road – original name “Grub Track Road” – change
  10. Wallabia Hill Road – this road was originally called “Herreen Road” – amend to “Herreen Road”
  11. Cape Bauer Road – amend to “Cape Bauer Drive”
  12. Cape Bauer Road – Section from AB Smith Road to Stanley Williams Drive be renamed “Moore’s Landing Road”
  13. There were a number of roads where “s” was added – suggestion to remove these
  14. Baird Bay Road to Calca-Oakvale Road
  15. Mudge Road (adjacent to Back Beach Road and adjoining Anderson Road) be renamed to Anderson Road. Anderson Road would then traverse from Cape Bauer Road to end of road
  16. Greenfield Road - from Eyre Highway to Nunjikompita Road

Council has in place a Road and Place Naming Policy DCSB-I-14.03 any proposed amendments or new names will be considered in accordance with this Policy, the policy is available on Council’s website.

Public Consultation closes Friday 14 February, 2020

View a copy of the full road list and rural road map

Full Road Name List

Rural Road Map

A full list of documents is available in hard copy by visiting Council’s Main Office 29 Alfred Terrace, Streaky Bay and Visitor Centre 21 Bay Road, Streaky Bay.

Feedback can be made by:

Email | williamspenny@streakybay.sa.gov.au

Postal | PO Box 179, Streaky Bay SA 5680

Survey | https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/92R6KKQ

Survey QR Code |

If you have any further questions regarding the concept please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Davis or Penny Williams, Community & Economic Development on (08) 86267033.