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  • Community Consultation
15th June 2020
Regional Health Plan Review

The District Council of Streaky Bay is seeking the Community’s and key stakeholder feedback on the review of the Western Upper Eyre Regional Health Plan.

The plan incorporates the Council’s of Ceduna, Streaky Bay, Elliston and Wudinna.

Good health and positive wellbeing are essential for any thriving community. The public health of the community of the Western Upper Eyre and West Coast Region is supported through the efforts of a range of government sectors, non-government organisation, schools and local community groups. This plan also recognises where Council has a support, advocacy or promotion role for initiatives primarily managed by other sectors within the community.

A copy of the plan is available by clicking here.

Feedback can be made by;

Comments and Feedback must be received by Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 5.00pm

If you have any further questions regarding the concept please do not hesitate to contact Penny Williams, Community & Economic Development on (08) 86267033.

Karina Ewer
Chief Executive Officer