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  • Media Release
2nd March 2020
Moores Boat Ramp delayed

Moores Boat Ramp Delayed

The District Council of Streaky Bay wished to advise that the replacement of Moores Boat Ramp has been delayed due to unforeseeable circumstance.

Karina Ewer, CEO of the District Council of Streaky Bay said “Initially the project was to replace one pontoon only. Inspection of the site mid-last year however determined that Moores Boat Ramp had serious issues that needed urgent attention.  Council have therefore undertaken a project to totally replace the boat ramp to ensure its safety and structural viability for many years to come.”

Significant negotiations with oceanographers, marine engineers and Coastal Protection have been required in order to develop suitable engineering drawings which will deliver a practical and more resilient product. An initial costing to complete the project has however indicated that Council must now go to tender to complete the works.

Mayor Travis Barber said “It is unfortunate the delivery of the boat ramp has taken so long however the extent of the damage was unknown until divers were employed to inspect the site.  The pontoons have already been built and all we have to do now is find a suitable contractor or contractors to deliver the entire project. That project will include fully removing the old concrete ramp, replacing the concrete and reinstalling longer and more durable pontoons.”

The project is expected to go out to tender in the next two weeks.  Tender documents will be available through Council’s website under Tenders and Quotations and through the Local Government Vendor Panel site.

“We know the delay in the project has been a significant issue for our community and understand the frustration being experienced.  We also know Council are determined to deliver our community the best product possible,” Mayor Barber said.

Karina Ewer
Chief Executive Officer