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3rd February 2023

**Answers To Some of The Initial Enquiries Re: Lions Park Redevelopment Consultation**

Already the Lions Park redevelopment consultation process has been one of our most successful to date in terms of engagement and feedback. Through the consultation process we have already received numerous questions. So, we thought we would post some of the most common questions here and provide an answer for them:

Q: Could another dump point be located at another area to ease congestion?

A: Outside of this discussion we are having a separate conversation about an additional dump point away from the Lions Park to ensure we move some of the congestion away from the area. This will be put forth as an inclusion in next year’s budget for Council’s consideration.

Q: Why can’t we put the money towards roads?

A: The project is being funded by Federal Government Stimulus Grant program and the program’s guideline outline that only road projects which are additional to normal capital works schedules can be undertaken with the grant. Due to existing State based road projects, especially projects relating to flood damage. There is a shortage of available contractors, hence we wouldn’t be able to deliver such projects within the grant programs timelines.  

Q: What is the purpose of the redevelopment?

A: The Lions Park as a community space is underutilised and in desperate need of a refresh. It is anticipated that the redevelopment will help activating the space and will provide the following opportunities:

*             Provision of a community destination for social gatherings

*             Provide a family destination for visitors to orientate themselves to the township

*             Improved play spaces for residents and visitors

*             Create a sense of arrival for visitors

*             Opportunity to provide traffic management and improvement to Mudge Terrace

*             Improve traffic flow on East Terrace particularly around the dump point area

*             Opportunity to improve and provide passive stormwater harvesting and management

Q: When will the park redevelopment be completed?

A: As the project is tied to a Federal Government grant money, it has to be completed by the end of the year. However, Council is looking to complete the work by the end of August 2023

Q: Why build a new toilet?

A: The current toilet is outdated and part of it is constructed with asbestos. Hence as part of the work we would be looking to demolish the old toilet and build a new disability compliant toilet away from the dump point to an area more assessable to those using the park.

Q: Can you put the play area further away from the road to make it safer for the kids?

A: The landscape architect has designed the play area between the swale and some trees to act as a buffer. However, we will look at other options for buffers between the play area and moving traffic.

Q: Why do we need another lawn area when we have the foreshore?

A: In terms of the lawn area, the intention behind it is to assist in activating the space through giving kids the opportunity to kick a ball etc, run and tumble. I know some individuals have said we have plenty of lawn on the foreshore, however the gradient isn’t inducive to play and we have no such play areas to serve the needs of the individuals on the eastern side of town.

Q: What will happen to the existing stone walls?

A: We will be trying to retain as many of existing stone walls as possible and doing some work to try and extend their life. As a result of feedback from this consultation process, we have asked the landscape architect to retain all of the existing stone walls.

Q: What will happen to the existing pavers?

A: Unfortunately, the pavers have become a safety risk due to lifting and some sections of pavers are missing. Due to their age, they can’t be replaced by a like for like paver and would be difficult to match. Also, large sections of the existing path would need to ripped up and relayed due to their current condition Hence, they will be removed as part of the project.  

Q: What will happen to the existing trees?

A: Part of this work sees the engagement of an arborist who will be doing an assessment of all the trees on site in terms of life span (they are also reviewing the tress in the Caravan Park and Township as well). We are going to use this work to determine what trees will be removed and kept (using expected life as a guide for this determination). If we have to remove some of the younger trees, we would be looking to relocate them to other parts of the park.

Q: Are the design finalised?

A: We already have received an incredible amount of feedback. Due to this, I think you will see a lot of changes in the revised plan which captures much of this feedback. We should note that this feedback carries a variety of different opinions, so we won’t be able to meet everyone’s desires.

The plans can be found at:

With the online survey at: