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8th October 2021

Loveshack Route Code Amendment Interim Engagement Report

Release of Loveshack Route Neighbourhood Zone Code Amendment interim engagement report and engagement evaluation survey.

The District Council of Streaky Bay is proposing a Code Amendment in relation to 13 hectares of land located on Loveshack Route within the north-western boundary of the Streaky Bay Township.

The Code Amendment proposes to rezone Lot 615 Loveshack Route from the Deferred Urban Zone to the Neighbourhood Zone. The proposed rezoning seeks to enable the future residential development at a low density.

The purpose of the engagement was to inform the rezoning of Lot 615 Loveshack Route, Streaky Bay, to enable the future development of the land for residential purposes. Community engagement was undertaken in accordance with the Engagement Plan and an interim Engagement Report has been prepared and can be view by clicking this link. This report details the engagement that has been undertaken and the outcomes of the engagement, including:

  • a summary of the feedback made;
  • the response to the feedback; and
  • the changes to the Code Amendment.

Based on the feedback that was received, the following changes have been made to the Code Amendment:

  • increase the Technical and Numeric Variation (TNV) Maximum Building Height (Metres) from 5 metres to 6 metres (noting that building height will remain at 1 level).

Once this evaluation is completed, the Engagement Report will be updated to include this evaluation.

The Code Amendment Report has been amended to include the above change, as detailed within the Interim Engagement Report, and can be view by clicking this link.

To ensure the principles of the Community Engagement Charter (the Charter) are met, an evaluation of the engagement process for the Code Amendment is currently occurring. As part of this evaluation, you are invited to complete a survey via this link:

Kind regards,

Damian Carter
Chief Executive Officer
District Council of Streaky Bay