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Arts and Culture

"The arts are a big part of everyday life for Australians"

Art Nation, 2015, Australia Council for the Arts, Page 1


Arts and Cultural Development Facilitator

District Council of Streaky Bay
42 Mudge Terrace
M:  0427 706 454

Available Tuesday-Thursdays, 11am-5pm at the Streaky Bay VIC, 21 Bay Road
Or at other times between Monday and Friday by phone, email and/or appointment

A Creative Arts & Culture Vision

District Council of Streaky Bay

Promote and encourage the Arts by maintaining and increasing the diversity of arts and cultural opportunities

A New Partnership

The District Council of Streaky Bay and Create with U recognise an opportunity to work more closely in a creative partnership based on a new model to realise the art and culture aspirations of our community.

In response to the changing arts and cultural landscape in the Streaky Bay region a new vision has been outlined in the Creative Arts & Culture Business Plan 2017-18.

For more information on the exciting art opportunities planned for the region CLICK HERE.

The Business Plan focuses on the themes of residencies, connecting through making and acknowledgement to facilitate:

  • A developing and dynamic visual arts sector;
  • Strong and strategic regional networks in dance;
  • An emerging presenter group; and
  • A curious community ready to engage

The partnership aims to develop new creative partnerships and collaborations which will provide innovative opportunities within and outside of our region.

Council supports that artists, arts workers and communities want to gain more exposure and recognises that a strong arts and culture sector will enable them to connect, prosper and grow economy through making.

In a changing arts and cultural landscape our communities will continue to connect, create and grow in response to the arts and cultural development facilitation role.

The Role

Jayne Holland, Create with U, Arts and Cultural Facilitator for the District Council of Streaky Bay has a broad and significant understanding of the scope and impact of the arts in the regional context.

The officer will assist our communities in the communication and promotion, and engagement and delivery of the arts in the region so that the effective and dynamic networks that are in place will continue to build and develop in response to the region’s growing arts and cultural needs.

The District Council of Streaky Bay anticipates a new era of supporting and facilitating the producing and presenting of great arts and culture in our region and beyond.

To contact Jayne and pitch your great art ideas, email her at or phone 0427 706 454.

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