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Construction / Maintenance

Road Construction, Sealing and Resealing

Council has proposed in its Annual Business Plan for 2014-2015 to undertake resheeting and construction of 71km of Councils unsealed road network. Works include reforming the existing road, verge clearing, table drains and profiling where applicable, this includes sections of;

  • Baird Bay Road (Complete)
  • Dog Fence Road (Removed from Program)
  • Inkster Road
  • Nunjikompita Road
  • Tyringa Road
  • Poochera-Port Kenny Road (Removed from Program)
  • Emerald Rise Road
  • Simounds Road (Complete)
  • Dodgson Drive (Complete)
  • Courela Road

Resealing of 2.9km of Council’s sealed road network including sections of;

  • Bay Road (Streaky Bay)
  • Phillips Road (Streaky Bay) (Complete)
  • Pygery Road (Complete)

Rubble Royalties

Council has adopted a Rubble Pits and Royalties Policy which outlines the regulations and requirements to establish agreements between Council and landowners for the purpose of obtaining rubble.

Pursuant to Section 294 of the Local Government Act 1999 Council has the power to enter and occupy land in connection with road maintenance or road construction to;

• Obtain earth, minerals or timber from land

• Deposit soil on land

• Construct temporary roads and structures on land

• Deposit or store materials on land

• Carry out any other incidental activity on land

 To view the policy please click here

Footpath Construction

Council has proposed in its Annual Business Plan for 2014-2015 to undertake the construction/redevelopment of 5.3km of footpaths and tracks including;

  • New path along Crawford Terrace (between Park Avenue and Montgomerie Terrace)
  • Extend and Redevelop Moore’s Shared Path (see Major Projects for more details)

Urban Services

Council has appointed a Town Maintenance Team Leader, Parks and Gardens Team Leader and two additional employees to undertake town maintenance and parks and gardens duties.

Many of these tasks include signage, maintaining the park benches, bollards, and other infrastructure located throughout the townships. Ensuring our stormwater systems are operational and clean, tidying of footpaths and general building maintenance.  This also includes the maintenance of all Council's parks and reserves.

Council has a commitment to ensure our facilities are kept clean, serviceable, operational and appealing to our residents and visitors alike.

If you wish to make a complaint or request work please refer to the complaints and work requests section of this website.

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