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Council Elections

Elections and Enrolments

Our District is made up of two wards, which are each represented on Council by a set number of Councillors. Your ward is your local area for voting purposes and is based on where you live. Council Elections occur every four years and at the time of the Election all of the positions are declared vacant and our next periodic election is due in November 2018. 

The Principal Member of Council will be elected as Mayor, from the eight Ward Councillors and is elected at the first meeting by the councillors.

Participating in your council election is one of the most direct ways that you can make a difference to everyday life in your local community.

To find out more information on Council Elections go to the Electoral Commission Fast Facts link by clicking here or the local government elections public page click here


Enrol to vote by 5pm Friday 10 August 2018

Voting in Council elections is open to a broader range of people than State and Federal elections. Even if you are not an Australian citizen, and not on the State (House of Assembly) electoral roll you can vote in a Council election, as long as you are above 18 years of age and have lived in the Council area for more than one month. You can also vote in a Council election if you own a rateable property in the area, regardless of whether you live in it.

Another important difference is that businesses and bodies corporate can vote in Council elections. The voters' roll for Council elections consists of two components - the House of Assembly (State) roll, and the Council supplementary roll.

If you have moved house or changed your name please update your details on the House of Assembly Roll at Electoral Commission of SA Enrol or Change Details on State House of Assembly Roll.

If you are not enrolled on the House of Assembly roll you may be eligible to enrol on Council's supplementary roll if:

  • You have been a resident at your current address for one month and are not on the State Electoral Roll
  • You are a sole owner/occupier of rateable property
  • You are NOT an Australian Citizen but you have been a resident at your current address for one month
  • You are a landlord for a rateable property
  • You are an organisation/business owner

If any of the above circumstances apply to you and you wish to vote in the Council elections please complete an enrolment form and return to Council.

For information on how to enrol please contact the Council Office on 08 8626 1001.


If you are eligible to vote in your local Council elections, you are probably eligible to stand for a position on Council.

With very few exceptions (such as being an undischarged bankrupt, or being disqualified from holding office by a court order), you can nominate for a position on Council regardless of qualifications, religion, race, gender, experience or profession.

In fact, Council's actively encourage nominations from people from diverse backgrounds to ensure that a wide range of views are being represented.

Nominations for the 2018 Local Government elections open Tuesday 4 September 2018 and close on Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 12 noon. If you want to nominate you will need to complete and lodge a nomination form during this time.

You will also be required to lodge a 150 word candidate profile and a 'head shoulders' photograph which will be published on a candidates' website.

The 2018 candidate resources are available and this will outline the requirements and nomination process.

For more information on nominating please visit:

SA Electoral Commission - Parties and Candidates Information

Local Government Association SA - Nominate Public Page


Voting in the Council election is undertaken by post.

If you are on the State (House of Assembly) electoral roll or have completed an enrolment form to join Council's supplementary roll, you will receive a voting pack in the mail in late October 2018.

The ballot paper in your voting pack will show the candidates standing for election in your Council ward. To find out more about each of the candidates and what they stand for go to the council elections candidate website, then complete your ballot paper and return it in the reply paid envelope.

For more information on voting please visit:

SA Electoral Commission - Voting In Council Elections

Local Government Association SA - Voting Public Information

Votes must be received before 5pm on Friday 9 November 2018.

Make a difference by participating in your Council election.

For further information on the elections topic, or if you have any questions, please call our Council Office on 08 86261001 or email us at

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