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The Streaky Bay Township Masterplan was received by Council at its July 2010 meeting.

The primary purpose of the Master Plan is to create a cohesive, community endorsed framework to guide investment and the development of public and privately owned land. The Master Plan will also be used as a basis for capital works grant funding, and may form the basis of amendments to Councils Development Plan.

The Streaky Bay Township Masterplan consists of:

a) a Masterplan for the township and its immediate surroundings which draws together the finding and recommendations of the Project Teams investigations, and which can be used as the basis for future capital works funding
b) the identification of key sites and areas within and surrounding the town for redevelopment and/or further improvement
c) recommendations for the rezoning of land by way of the Development Plan Amendment (DPA) process
d) proposals, ideas and suggestions that have broad community support/endorsement
e) identification and protection of significant historic buildings, sites and places
f) detailed plans for the following priority sites, area and functional elements;

  • a Pedestrian and Cyclist Plan;
  • an open space plan, including the location of town entrance statements;
  • a Coastal Foreshore Plan;
  • a Stormwater Management Plan;
  • a Concept Plan for Wells Street adjacent to the school and caravan park; and
  • a plan to improve the local road network.

The document contains a number of recommendations which have been prioritised by the Project Team. Council will review the priorities according to availability of financial and human resources and its own needs, preferences and requirements. A regular review of the document will be undertaken to ensure the plan reflects the current requirements of Council and the community.

Please click here for a copy of the Final Streaky Bay Township Master Plan