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Public Notice - Community Consultation

Draft Streaky Bay Region Tourism Plan

The District Council of Streaky Bay seeks to develop a Tourism Plan (Plan) as identified in and in context with the District Council of Streaky Bay Strategic Management Plan 2016-2026.

The aim of the Tourism Plan is to:-

Identify collaborative opportunities to grow visitation and the visitor economy in the Streaky Bay region (and other regions that may benefit) by identifying development opportunities for:

  • ­Quality visitor experiences;
  • ­Promoting the destination and by;
  • ­Continuing to grow and improve tourism product and industry.

The Plan is set out to align with the key priorities of the SA Tourism Commission’s Regional Visitor Strategy.

Initial community and key stakeholder engagement has been undertaken to develop the draft Plan. Council now invites the Community and key stakeholders to review the draft Plan and provide feedback.

View the documents here -

Draft – Streaky Bay Region Tourism Plan

Streaky Bay Tourist Promotions Marketing Plan

Proposed Abalone Marketing Strategy

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Acting, Manager Community and Economic Development, Jessica Davis on (08) 8626 7033.

Feedback can be provided and received by Friday, November 1, 2019, 5.00pm.


Post: Penny Williams - Manager, Community & Economic Development
District Council of Streaky Bay, PO Box 179, Streaky Bay SA 5680

I thank you for taking the time to review the documentation and look forward to your feedback.

South Australia Jetties Strategic Plan Fact Sheet

How do you use your jetty?
Why is it important to you?

Do you love our jetties at Streaky Bay and Haslam?

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, on behalf of the Government of South Australia, is developing a state-wide Jetties Strategic Plan, to explore options to develop a sustainable approach to the future management and prioritisation of investment for South Australian jetties. 

The Strategic Plan will broadly review existing jetty infrastructure region by region, and develop a holistic long-term approach to managing our jetties that will:

  • Assess the economic and community outcomes, benefits and usage of jetties;

  • Deliver sustainable options for ongoing jetty safety, management and maintenance;

  • Guide future infrastructure investment decisions; and

  • Channel funds to priority areas to maximise benefits to the community and business.

Jetties have supported commercial and recreational activities in South Australia since the 1850s and continue to be of social, economic and historical significance to local communities today.

The effective and efficient management of the State’s jetties and wharves is also an increasing challenge for both State and Local Government to sustain.

The Strategic Plan will therefore aim to balance the value jetties provide alongside future management challenges.

The first stage of this review is capturing community, local government and stakeholder views.

To help inform the development of the Strategic Plan we want to gain a broad understanding of how jetties:

  • Contribute to the economy;
  • Benefit the community; and
  • Are used by local communities, visitors and businesses.

Please click here to view the South Australia Jetties Strategic Plan Fact Sheet

In order to capture these views, we have set up a page on the YourSAy website at, including an online survey which will be open from Monday 30 September 2019 until 5.00pm Friday 1 November 2019.

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