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Wirrulla is a "The Town with a Secret". The town is a focal point for the surrounding wheat and sheep farms. Its name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning "Rockhole".

Situated on the Eyre Highway, 60 kilometers north east of Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula it provides the western gateway to the Gawler Ranges 40kms away. Visit remote Wallala Rocks and experience 360 degree views of the Gawler Ranges, silos and surrounding farmlands...just a taste!

Wirrulla connects visitors to the Stuart Highway - Via Station Road, skirting the edge of the Gawler Ranges through Hiltaba and Lake Everard, connecting with the Stuart Highway via Kingoonya or Glendambo.

Besides being "the town with a secret", it has a very uncanny attraction - The Inland Jetty is rumored to be the only one of its kind in the world! (and the tide is always out). It also doubles as the golf courses' 5th hole tee off!

Unwind and picnic in the May Waldie Gardens with lots of shady trees, complete with gazebo and coin-operated BBQ.

Sneak into the ghost town of Yantanabie (Aboriginal meaning deep water) which was gazetted in 1918. Yantanabie is situated between Cungena and Wirrulla on Highway 1.

The town was once the hub of a busy community with wheat being transported in from 35 km away by horse teams to the 4 acre wheat shed situated on the railway line, ready for export to Port Lincoln. Today only the Memorial Hall stands serenely housing the history of the area in the form of photos. The hand hewn stone of the building is visible from the inside.

Light lunches and a cuppa are available to groups.  For bookings phone Faye (08) 8626 0934.

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