Streaky Bay and Districts
Visitor Information Centre
21 Bay Road
Streaky Bay SA 5680
Tel: 08 8626 7033
Fax: 08 8626 1990

Along the Coast

Surfers Beach

Surfers Simon Skiboarding

Back Beach

Back Beach Wendy on Beach Back Beach Bert with Fishing Rod

Back Beach Walkway with People


Granites People in Water Granites Close up 1 Person

Smooth Pool

Smooth Pool Kids with Bus and Rocks in Background Smooth Pool Rocks

Smooth Pool with Cliff Smooth Pool 2 kids in water

Smooth Pool Kids getting ready on rocks Smooth Pool Kids Group

Under the Jetty

Jetty Beach India and Kiah on beach

Jetty Beach Kids under Jetty Jetty Beach India on Rocks

Take a peek , stay a week
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Streaky Bay Rural Transaction & Visitor Information Centre